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Your Researcher on Retainer—Subscription Service

Want to spend more time writing and less time fact checking? 

Even if you enjoy the hunt, chasing down facts is time consuming; questions you thought would take a few minutes can eat up hours of valuable writing time. 

Let Robin be your personal research librarian, on retainer.

What writers get:

  • One Bibliography per year done for you on the topic/time period of your choice
  • Email research support for your WIP—2 research questions per month, plus access to previously answered questions from your time period/topic in the Researcher on Retainer Document Center.
  • 10% Discount on Manuscript Review and Private Coaching Service

Outlining help for Writers

Do you find outlining formats confusing and you don't know which one to use?  

Maybe you need to see them all together and get a bit-sized explanation of each. Maybe you don't have time to read a new craft book with a new/old outlining technique every 6 months.  

This course is for you!  It describes and classifies 7 popular types of outlines and gives you templates for each.  You get to choose what works best for your story.  Included are course videos, a PDF of the workbook and slides with examples, and online templates for you to use when planning or revising your novel.  Bonus content becomes available as you work your way through. 

Historical Research for Novel Writers

This mini-course will help you do the research to make your historical fiction and historical mysteries authentic experiences for readers.  Learn how to get a minimum viable historical novel so you can get started writing.

Free with email signup.

Historical Research for Novel Writers, part 2

Finished with Historical Research for Novel Writers, part 1?  It's time for even more historical research with part 2!

$47 for full access and it includes a Research Strategy Session with Robin

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